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To run “robo” , you need to have other programs installed. Most of these have licenses, which can be considered as “free”, like GPL. Others differ in other respects. If you want to use this software for more than playing around at home, but for a bigger project, please be aware that for some software restrictions apply.Please read the respective licenses carefully before using it, if you are up for a commercial or otherwise non-private  project. This website may not be held liable for any breaches or infringements by users.

Festival is free software. Festival and the speech tools are distributed under an X11-type licence allowing unrestricted commercial and non-commercial use alike.” (Quoted from the festival homepage, 11.10.2009)

Mbrola: If you are using the german voices by mbrola, please be aware a different license applies: mbrola license

This website is made by best believe . It may not be held responsible for any damages by the use of the any content of this site.

By visiting this website you agree to the above disclaimer.


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